Thursday, April 11, 2013


Has it actually been almost 3 years since I posted? Holy cow- where has the time gone?!

To be honest- I have been card making and stamping and scrapbooking- I just haven't taken the time to upload anything. The past several years have been insanely busy with work and home. Best news though? I'm retiring shortly and can devote PLENTY of time to post and chat and blog. My whole life is going to change! I can NOT wait!

I wanted to post this today because I jsut made several from one of my co-workers who is retiring shortly. I make cards each holiday for the guys I work with and he has kept every single one- and has them in his cubicle still! People- thats 6 years of cards! What better way to say goodbye to him than to make his invitations to his retirement ceremony? Its not spectacular, just a short, simple card.

Its an Air Force symbol stamped on white card stock with a blue circle underneath. The ribbon is silver and matches the silver paper. The sentiment was created on my computer... the only invitation stamps I ahev are more child like for birthday parties. I thought this called for a more elegant font!

I hope you all like!

Have a great day!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Where has time gone?

Believe it or not, I am still alive and crafting away. I have made so many cards and scrapbooking pages, you would all be surprised. I am simply horrible at uploading them to my blog. Okay- okay- I will do my best this year to get better. Wait- didn't I say the same thing last year? I dunno--- with me people--- I'm unpredictable. I do wonder who still even checks this page- so if you DO, please send me a note. Otherwise-- I think I will probably simply delete it.


This first card is one I made for my dear husband for our anniversary in December. Its a clear sentiment stamp from Technique Tuesday that I embossed with gold....He loved the colors and the the heart charm I added ... the paper is Michaels and the charm (isn't it adorable?) is a Jo'anns steal. Love their beading and jewelry sections for charms.

This is a cute and simple baby girl card that DH needed for a troop of his. Yes- I get tapped to make cards for gives me a guilt-free conscious when I buy my habit stuff--- all probably know how that is. I used my scor-pal to add the dimensional lines in the background, plus if you can see the sparkles on the hearts, they were colored, then I added clear sparkle to them....I didn't hear back if they liked the card....hmmmmm....I wonder if I missed the punch on this one.

This last picture is of the wonderful birthday present I got from my dad and stepmom. Aren't they just the most amazing wood-working people? Guess what? They SAW this on a website and simply built it for me. They knew I had punches all over the place and needed a good storage system. I love this and when I get around to re-doing my craft room (basement renovation is our current project, so I am waiting PATIENTLY) this piece will work perfectly on my counter-top. I haven't yet chosen a color for my room--- does anyone have any ideas?

Well--- before I go for the day- I want to share my newest purchase. It is not a craft thingy- but a Kindle! Can you believe it? I know so many people who have one, and they rave about them. I have mentioned for over a year that I would LOVE one, but hubby didn't conform. So, last week when I was out of town, and after hauling reading material and finishing both books, I got fed up and ordered it myself. He isn't sold yet- but thats okay, its all for me anyway.

Have a great week everyone! I will endeaver to post more later this week.....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello All

Happy Tuesday.....

Hi everyone----- I just wanted to make a quick note that I am here and live. I have been on the road and then I'm roling out again on Friday. I'm missing Black Friday---- the horror.....! My men are going to a friends for Thanksgiving. Do **NOT** feel sad for us.....I'm only going to be gone for a week-----! Remember I have fellow service men and women who have spent much more time away from their families.

I am here- alive and working and working. I promise to post new creations soonest....PROMISE!!



Friday, November 6, 2009

Magnolia Easel Card

Happy Friday everyone!!! Its the beginning of a weekend....and that is just great for us all! I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me--- guess what I will be doing? I am spending two whole days at a crop! I haven't done this in a year....and I absolutely love these weekends. When I lived in Germany, we would have one almost monthly. The gaggle of us would get together, eat, crop and I would even sneak in a bottle of wine now and then.....I know...but still!! This weekend, I get to spend time with Molly (hiya chica) and her daughter Jessica. We usually have Denise with us (sad you won't be there girl) but we understand. Priorities and all.....Anyway- the three of us work together and share our passion for paper.

Enough about that....lets get to my beautiful card for today. I hope you all love her as much as I do. I spent the better part of my morning today assembling and coloring her. I adore her!!!!! This is my first realy use of my copics. And as you can tell they worked out well with my paper selection....(I hope you are proud of me Michelle....look at her!!)

This is a 5x5 easel card that I made for Molly. Her birthday was last weekend and I have yet to give her her I figured I owe her a splendid card to go with the goody bag I have!

Isn't she just darling? I got the stamp from Magnolia and they have too many to choose from. These gals (and guys too) are just the cutest things happening with stamps right now. They are perfect for the copics.....hee hee--- can you tell I love them?

You can't tell from the pictures, but I have diamond glaze on the little stuffed toy she is holding. I also added my *smooch* paint to the blue areas...her pocket, hairbows and  the lace trim of her dress. I picked those up HERE. That store carries all things sparkly, cute and new for cards. Check her out--- and she has super fast shipping!!

Well- I gotta go feed the men of my life.....I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!!



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Cards Galore!

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Tomorrow is Friday- and it IS the best day of the week..... I spent all day today (other than a minor break to run Nathan to the orthodontist...ugh) in my paper cave working on holiday cards. What fun this was! You have no idea.....days like this are are rarer and rarer as my travel schedule kicks in....and I really appreciate days like this!

Nathan is going to be getting impressions next week and in early December he will have expanders put in. Unfortunately for him, he has his fathers genetics and instead of waiting for braces, we are going to try to open up his narrow jaw now for his permanent teeth. He is pretty excited...we will see what he says after day one however!

Now--- off to the cards!

This first card took me awhile to design. PHEW! I had an idea in my head, but getting all of the pieces together and looking right just didn't come easily. It took Aaron commenting on my rough draft before I had it. The CS is red riding hood, the paper is basic grays Figgy Puddy Forest that I picked up at Michaels recently, the ribbon is SU red riding hood. The *merry wishes* is a dollar stamp set with my nestabilities labels 2 with a layered background. I am in love with my nestabilities.....Michelle (my stamping/scrapping/running peep) got me hooked on them. She would be so proud of me!!! The white dots surrounding the red label is a sharpie I got from Suzanne Dean.

This card was made awhile back--- I make several different designs each year. I send out over 70+ cards, and making that many of one design gets old before too long. I mentioned before, I mix it up a bit. This stamp set is Joyeux Noel that I picked up in the UK this summer (work trip) and I like the simplicity of this whole card, not too flashy, not to crazy- simple. I hope you agree.

This reindeer is from the same set ---Joyeux Noel---. I used DSP from SU's last year. I am a hoarder of all things paper craft related, remember? LOL!!! Anyway----- I pulled out the new in color soft seude to accent the reinderr--- and... viola! A card! The ribbon is a find from a local craft store- I jsut got lucky that it matched.

Now- this last picture---- its rather funny. I started off with only 5 copics. I visited Michelle in June (work again but I got to see her home and visit and play with stamps and paper--- WOOHOO!) anyway- they were my first few copics. I inherited her set (thank you again Brian) and have been adding to them slowly. Well, maybe not so slowly, but not significant enough to where Bob is questioning packages that arrive... LOL! I then had a dilemma on how to store- and WHERE to store these precious babies.....I found this cabinet on SCS from a fellow copic lover. Its from Overstock- what I love about it is that when my room is complete- I will still be able to use it! Go me!!!

So.....enough for today. I'm off to watch my favorite TV show Bones. If its a re-run, then my book--- East of Eden calls me. Have any of you read this book? I don't recall reading it for school, but am really enjoying it now. If you are in ever need of a good and addicting book, pick it up! You won't be disappointed,  promise!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Happy Wednesday

i everyone!!!!! Its WEDNESDAY!!!! WOOHOO! The week is almost over- and while normally that would be a great thing to be looking forward to, I'm kinda sad. I took this week off from work to help hubby get the house ready for winter, work in our basement which we are finishing (and having other people do some) plus just the plain ole' medical appointments that all three men in my life need. I like staying home with them.....I am not sleeping in, that is impossible, but I am really enjoying the home time. Since I am on the road for the entire rest of November, this is quality time with my guys that is very inportant to all four of us!

I have a really fun card to share today- it is a retirement card for a co-worker. I used the Lovely As a Tree set and the DSP with the new in colors. The receipent of this card is the one true guy I work with who really likes seeing my cards each week. I don't know why, but I take them all in and show them to these "TOUGH" military men and they all scoff......yet CD actually makes nice comments about them. What a really cool guy- he will be missed.

I have new baby cards to post....but I can't do that yet..I will on Friday- promise..they have to be mailed and received first..... instead I am going to give a big shout out to two of my family members who had babies last week! Way to go Krissy and Tanya and oodles of congratulations to you both. Krissy (my cousin) had a baby boy this past week and Tanya (my cousins daughter- so my great cousin? IDK) had a baby girl. All are doing well...... I wish them all lots of love and care.

Now---- are you ready to laugh your head off? I am enclosing pictures of my stamping/scrapping/paper cave. They are MADDENING!!!!! I can not wait to get the basement finished...because as soon as its  complete....we get to re-do my space. Meaning...I am going to get kitchen cabinets....a counter top and a place for my computer. Right now- the laptop sits on a chair, there is just no more room for it on the flat surfaces! This last picture are of my new *smooch* paints I got in the mail today from Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. I love these babies and can not wait to play with them.... I know- like I needed more? BUT---- note that at another LOCAL store- these babies went for $5 a piece.....but I got this entire set for under $30......yuppers! please go check her out...... you will not be disappointed. She has copic markers sets.....they are another great deal from her. So........goggle her and GO THERE ASAP!

Well... I'm off to work on holiday projects. I have a mess going on, like you can tell...have a great week!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Color Challenge Tuesday

Hello all.... I hope each of you are having a wonderful week so far. Its been pretty cool and quiet around here. I did get to spend some wonderful quality time with a very good friend. It was fantastic-- I miss having good friends close by. Instead, we have to treasure our all-to-infrequent visits.

Today was color challenge day ... Basic Black, Kraft and Mambo Melon. I wanted to try all three on a holiday card using my stamp set I picked up in the UK earlier this year. This set is awesome, its made by Papermania, with multiple images for you to use. I am using each for my holiday cards this year-- wait to see what you all get!!! I haven't figured them all out yet!!!

I am not sure if you can see the stickles that i scattered on the tree, trying to give a few ornament looks to the pink tree. Can you imagine having a pink tree for the holidays? I know I would love it, but I am not so certain my men would. Maybe one day I can sneak a small one into my craft room...

This second card wasn't created tonight, but many months ago. I wanted to throw it up this evening because it utilizes the same colors, but just using a Birthday sentiment and DSP.
I hope everyone is well....please have a wonderful day!